Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Prominence of Lying

I've noticed just how rapidly the increase of lies has become on a global and also personal level. I remember when telling a lie was a terrible thing and when someone did it they were generally wrought with deep regret. Nowadays it seems like anyone will lie about anything to achieve whatever selfish goal is on their mind.

The False Messiah from by biesjd11
I am most disappointed in everyday people who lie to get ahead. However I blame major corporations, the media and politics for setting the precedent.

When your own government is blatantly lying to your face to protect the interest of a few chosen people it sends out a very negative message to society. People are supposed to not only trust but also look up to their leaders. This therefore makes me question our leadership altogether. It used to be that leaders were chosen by the people based on their actions. Now we are force fed a group of people and asked to choose between them who we want to control the most important facets of human existence.

Sure this is just a blog and I am just a solitary voice. Yes you've watched the same documentaries as I have and realized there is a huge sham. Ok, I get it but when will we as a race unveil the guise protecting the wrong and bring good back into light?

There is no excuse for the overall behavior of humanity. It is time to embrace our virtues and return to innocence!

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