Sunday, August 10, 2014

How Domain Trolls Have Ruined Creativity

First off, what's a domain troll? If you have ever tried to buy a domain maybe you noticed that the url you wanted was already taken but instead of someone using it, it's for sale for some outlandish price.

Domain trolls lurk online waiting for new domains to come out and they buy up thousands of domains. Then they sell these domains for insane prices to unsuspecting good folks like yourself who are trying to launch their next idea.

This seems all in well if you are a terrible money hungry troll like person and although in some cases individuals will buy these domains to launch their ideas, I am sure that most of the time people's amazing ideas are quickly squelched by these inflated prices.

To give you an example the other day I became aroused by the concept of launching my own non-profit organization, which is something I have always wanted to do. I thought the perfect name would be "Better Earth" and immediately went to my domain name provider to buy the .com so I could get started building my idea right away! However to my demise was already taken and it's now for sale for $4,500. This is not the first time this happened to me! I would have to say that over 50 great ideas that I've had throughout my life online have hit these incredibly ridiculous domain troll walls.

So my thoughts are this, what about everyone else out there who has had an amazing idea or even started a company unknowing to the fact that their domain was already purchased by a troll trying to re-sell it to them for $25,000.

Have Domain Trolls contributed to this totalitarian corporate ran monopoly that we call home? I say yes and shame on you. Stacking up money through the hopes of peoples great ideas.

This needs to be stopped. It is destroying creativity and when Earth tilts on it's axis that very essence of ideas will be all that can place the globe back on the shoulders of Atlas.


  1. That happened to my brother when he tried to start a band. They wanted $5,000 for the domain he wanted.