Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where'd the Role Models Go?

"You've killed all our leaders, I don't even have to do nothing to you, you'll cause your own country to fall."
-Stevie Wonder

Who are the role models of today? Do they deserve to be considered role models? Have they been fabricated during an attempt to form a totalitarian society? Earlier today I saw some young women who appeared to be emulating the style of Kylie Jenner. Now this is not an attack at who she is but more a reflection of who she isn't.

Looking up to heroes has paved way for the greatest changes in mankind. Although heroes still exist we are constantly being force fed a repertoire of individuals that have been carefully selected by the same media conglomerates that are rubbing shoulders with pharmaceutical giants, agriculture monopolies, corrupt politicians and war profiteers. 

In top-secret documents released during the 90s it was made to the public that the C.I.A. had closely been watching many controversial famous artists. Their fear appeared to be related to a possible revolution. Could it be that our government realized the power of expression through art and music and decided that the only way to stop an uprising was to control all media? Don't get me wrong, I love a good Justin Timberblake song but what happened to freedom? It's something we all wanted and it appears to me that we still haven't gotten it.

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